Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy New Year!!

Well, it's been pretty much a year since I 'started' this blog, however I have rarely updated it, due to being way too busy with RL and other commitments. Anyway, I figured I'd start this year anew, who knows maybe I'll have more time to update here? And, to start off with, what better way than by tackling Berry's New Year Meme with a pretty picture? The outfit is pretty much what I recently blogged on free*style here, but with different hair, eyes, nails and I wanted to show off this cute reindeer plushie by silent sparrow too

  1. How did you spend New Year’s Eve? I spent it at a houseparty with a handful of my closest friends :),
  2. Did you keep any new years’ resolutions? I am terrible at keeping New Year's resolutions, hence why I tend not to bother making any anymore. However, this year, I've made myself a few small vows, that I'm going to try to keep! Fingers crossed!
  3. What was your biggest achievement(s) of the year? I actually can't think of any??? Another reason why I need to grasp this year by the horns and do something!
  4. What was the best thing you bought? The best thing I bought, was probably my new-old car! Actually, after the exhaust fell off my old car, I kinda needed to get a new car. And I'm loving it!
  5. What do you wish you’d done more of? I wish I had done more fun things with the kids, so I guess I'm gonna try and do more of that this year too!
  6. What do you wish you’d done less of? hmmm, this is hard, but I guess I wish I'd spent less time worrying things over and getting stressed over silly little things...
  7. What was your favorite movie you watched this year? wow my favourite movie I watched this year..? Thats a hard one, I love watching movies, but it would probably be Star Trek: Into Darkness... I was sooo looking forward to that, and was NOT disappointed :)
  8. What did you do on your birthday this year? I just had a night out with some of my friends, we had a great time!
  9. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned. This year has been a bad year for me generally in RL. I'm unhappy in my job- it takes me away from my children too much, and I'm unhappy in my RL home- its too small and too messy!! Which leads onto the last... I'm unhappy in my marriage. My friends keep telling me that 'you only live once', so I guess that is it, and the prominent thought in my head for this year. Time to make changes that will make me happy!
  10. What does 2014 hold for you? No idea but I am hoping to make some chnges in my life that will make me happy!!

skin: glam affair ~ mokatana ~ america (holiday grp gift),
eyes: poetic colors ~ christmas tale (free gift),
hair: amacci ~ adena ~ almond,
nails: izzies ~ Rudolph (slink nail appliers Christmas gift),
tattoo: micelets ~ vintage mice tattoo (mp dollarbie here),

eyeliner: A&A ~ Whiskers liner (Kittycats advent gift 2013),
lips: A&A ~ Christmas make-up (VIP gift),

dress: coldlogic ~ seasons greetings ~ berry (holiday subscriber gift),
tights: meisu ~ deer tights (subscriber gift),
boots: n-core ~ Winter Boots "Christrmas" (grp gift),

headband: tea.s ~ 2014 headband (subscriber gift),
kitty ears: callie cline ~ diamond kitty ears (Kittycats advent gift 2013),
necklace: .olive. (subscriber gift),
piercings: cute poison ~ legion (mm gift),
bracelet: DV8 ~ calais bracelets (subscriber gift),
reindeer: silent sparrow ~ Rudy Deer-ee (past FLF),

Trini xx

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Flux: Americana

So this is an old event, that's come back this month, organised by the brains behind Show me on The Doll - Putrid Gloom aka Ghost Mannequin, it is a monthly themed event, and this months theme, appropriately so is Americana. So here, I am still dressed in my favourite American themed outfit that I wore for Independence day, with some of my gorgeous new furniture from Flux :)


Skin: Glam Affair ~ Margot// America// 02,
Eyes: Lucifer's Heart (instore dollarbie),
Eyeshadow: Glamorize ~ Red, White & Blue make-up  (L$1 on marketplace here),
Hair:[e]Caramel ~ Reds,


Dress: Glamorize ~ America Mesh dress (L$1 on marketplace here),
Boots: Lethal  ~ Gogo Boot?? America (group gift, free to join),


Headband & Ring: Rotten Defiance (subscriber and group gift, free to join),
Bangles: Lies Creations (4th July dollarbie instore- still there today!).

All furniture pictured: noctis (available now at Flux).

Trini xx

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Seven SL Facts...

So Strawberry Singh has been busy making lots of SL memes/ blogger challenges lately, which seemed fun to do, so I figured that I would join in with this one.

SL Fact #1:
Well, most of you will probably already know/ have guessed this one, but I am *obssessed* with SL fashion. I love the creativity and versatility of SL fashion, and I often experiment with styles/ designs that I would never be brave enough to wear in RL!

SL Fact #2:
My close SL friends are already aware of this fact, but I have a goth alt. As much as I love the cute, girly fashion that you see me wear here, I also love dark goth/ alternative fashion too, but I like to keep the different styles/ avs seperate.

SL Fact #3:
I have been blogging for around 3 years, but only recently started this blog, however I also blog with my goth alt, and I blog sporadically for free*style.

SL Fact #4:
I hate those talking pregnant bellies. There I said it. I seriously don't get the point of them, they are irritating and just spam up my local chat. What is the point of them talking? RL pregnant bumps don't talk and say 'hey, don't bump into me', so wtf would SL ones? What do the 'mums' get out of that?? Just weird. (no offence intended, lol).

SL Fact #5:
I am addicted to SL hunts. It doesnt matter what it is/ where it is, I will try whatever hunt is going, and as you may already know, there are usually dozens of hunts going on all at one time, so I'm kept very busy with hunting. I often do way more hunts than I have the time to blog, so alot of the gifts remain unopened in my inv...

SL Fact #6:
I have never been SL married, but I have been partnered, once, by my then mistress... SL is fun, lol

SL Fact #7:
I used to be a highly paid SL stripper and *cough* escort, and was once 'auctioned' off for L$18,000... and then I found SL fashion and started blogging, lol.

What I'm wearing:

Skin: Pink Fuel ~ Alena/ Vanilla (Knitting Circle Easter hunt gift, no longer available, sorry),
Hair: Elikatira ~ Changes,
Eyes: Al Vulo ~ Ultraviolet eyes (come with the Al Vulo Romana skin currently available at the Dressing Room Fusion),
Dress: Auxiliary ~ Doll dress/ peach (Knitting Circle hunt gift, sorry no longer free),
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc ~ Punkin Orange nails,
Neck tattoo: Half Deer (past hunt gift),
Wrist tattoo: Schismphrenic ~ To Write Love on her Arms (old gift, maybe no longer available, sorry).
Pose: Still Life ~ "Let me In" - part of the Bumble Rumble pose pack.

All furniture and wall decor by what next.

Trini xx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Time to shine...

Wow, I suck at coming up with titles, but since this blog post features the gorgeous Anela Skin recently previewed by Shine at Skin Fair, this title seems to work! This skin comes in  four different tones and five different make-ups, and with a variety of cleavage, freckles and teeth options. There is a shape included too (not shown).

Here's a close-up of this skin:


Skin: Shine ~ Anela ~ pink/pale,
Eyes: Eye Candi ~ candi eyes/ nature (subscribo gift),
Skirt: Piccara ~ tube skirt (valentines gift, may be still available),
Top: Kyoot ~ Two Sugars ~ white,
Socks: Kyoot ~ lacey white knee socks,
Hair: ploom ~ shira,
Hair accessory: Glam Affair ~ I follow rivers/ rouge (Collabor88),
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer ~ Suri/ pink pearls (group gift),
Pose picture 2: ploom ~ alt hoar.

Trini xx

Monday, 18 March 2013

Those Irish eyes....

This past weekend was St Patrick's Day, and like any other holiday the wonderful generous desingers of SL offered lots of appropriately-themed gifts in abundance. Here's some of my fave St Patrick's Day gifts, and another gorgeous skin currently debuting at the Skin Fair. This time, the skin is by Modish (thank you Ele Brandi!!).

This adorable skin is called 'Seane' and comes in 6 different tones, with dark, light and no eyebrow options for L$650. I have slightly changed the look of this skin by adding the green eye-shadow from A&A, but that is all.


Skin: Modish ~ Seane ~ Cappucio (Skin Fair 2013),
Hair: ploom ~ Shira,
Eyes: SP Eyes ~  Silenced ~ Green (L$1 here),
Make-up: Adore & Abhor ~ Sparks ~ green,
Nails: eye candi ~ clover (was free at the Cart Sale at The Wash, but this has now finished, sorry),
Outfit: Hucci ~ Nejjo chained tank gift (subscribo gift),
Lip-piercing/ nom: Pierced by FG ~ clover (freebie here),
Shoes: Tara Shoes ~ Empire Charlotte Pumps/ green (L$1 at Whore Couture).
Pose, hand-held clover & hat: Juxtapose ~ Kiss My Shamrock pose set (subscribo giftie and group giftie).

Happy (belated) St. Patrick's Day!!

Trini xx

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Skin Fair!!

omg, so I had the privilege of being able to wander around the Skin Fair prior to it opening up to the public, which is a god-send, since I have an ancient computer that just cannot handle even one tiny teeny bit of lag! One of my favourite skins from the Skin Fair is Adam & Eve's Isabella skin. Now it has been a while since I last tried an Adam & Eve release, and for that I am truelly sorry, because they really do gorgeous skins! Their skin tone T2 is just perfect for me, as a British girl who rarely sees the sun! lol Anyway, here is Isabella.

Isn't she adorable??? I love everything about her, her lips are succulent and pout, and her nose is just so cute! Isabella comes in five different tones, in each tone comes a variety of make-ups, cleavage enhancers and dehancers, freckles, dimples, nails, and even a red brow option!! Definately go check out Adam & Eve's stall at Skin Fair while you can.

It's been a while since I bought anything new for Trini, but I just could not resist this adorable skirt and blouse from u.f.o, available at Collabor88 now. I matched it with maxi gossamers' necklace, also available at Collabor88, and new Clawtooth hair from the Arcade Gacha.

Skin: Adam & Eve ~ Isabella ~ T2: Gloss, (L$949 per skin at the Skin Fair),
Hair: Clawtooth ~ Surfer Rosa (L$75 a go at The Arcade Gacha event),
Eyes: Ikon ~ Machine,
Hair accessory: Glam Affair (L$88 at Collabor88 March),
Blouse: u.f.o ~ lace ruffle collar blouse (L$188 at Collabor88),
Skirt: u.f.o ~ burst into bloom skirt (L$188 at Collabor88),
Necklace: maxi gossamer ~ keshi pearl heart (L$288 at Collabor88 - texture change!),
Pose 1: pda ~ Where Eagles Dare (store closed),
Pose 2: Le Poppycock ~ Offhand.

Here's to a new you!

Trini xx

Monday, 11 March 2013

Lavender Daydream

I'm totally late to the ballpark, but there was this cute lil hunt which focussed on the colour/ theme lavender, and here are some of the gifties from it. All gifts are/ were L$5. (FYI, you could still pick up some of these items tonight, so it might still be worth having a look!! Hunt blog is here.)


Skin: Pink Fuel ~ Alyxx/ sultry (Valentines grp gift, no longer available, sorry),
Eye make-up: Adore & Abhor ~ Sparks dark purple,
Hair: Clawtooth ~ Surfer Rosa/ Red Eye Flight (L$75 a pop at The Arcade gacha event),
Dress: Immerse ~ Cami/ Lavender,
Necklace: Sigma jewels ~ Deco necklace purple,

Furniture shown is also from the hunt;

Pouffe & shadowbox/ table: CIRCA,
Wall decor: iconic.

Happy Hunting!!

Trini xx